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Double Glazing Crawley - Conservatories from Diamond Glass and Windows West Sussex

Double Glazing Security And Safety

security  from diamond glass of crawley west sussex At Diamond Glass we use only the best and approved products for your security and peace of mind.

We use LOCKMASTER Multi Point Door Locks to ensure your security at all times

• Designed for smoothest-ever operation
• Meets Association of British Insurers guidelines
• British made
• Fully tested
• Europe's finest multipoint lock
• Stylish handle design, sprung against 'droop'
• Choice of handle finishes - polish gold, white, black or silver

Enhanced Security

We can now offer an optional security upgrade to prevent
" cylinder bumping" using a Millenco Magnum Cylinder .
The MAGNUM ® SUPERIOR series offer: security  from diamond glass of crawley west sussex

• MAGNUM unique , high precision 12 telescopic tumbler system
• Superior masterkeying possibilities
• Cylinder design that prevents lock bumping
• Fully tested
• Optimum resistance against physical attack
• Smooth and reliable operation
• Pick resistance
• Superior physical strength
• 3 keys

Child Safety Restrictors

Our new retro-fit child restrictors are an ideal and easy to use way child restrictors from diamond glass of crawley west sussex
to provide peace of mind and protection for children.

Every year more than 4,000 children under the age of 15 are
injured falling from windows and fitting restrictors will greatly reduce this risk.


Whatever product you chose you can rest assured that your security will be built in.

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