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If you’ve not heard the term ‘pergola’ before, you might be wondering how it compares to other related structures – like the ever-popular conservatory or orangery. How you define the term will depend on how you use it. It is designed for outside living but can be used for other purposes too.

The Ultraframe glazed pergola is a garden building designed for outdoor use. Its roof is glazed and supported by posts, which means it provides shelter from rain and wind – allowing you to relax in your garden, whatever the weather might bring.

An Ultraframe pergola, therefore, has a dual function that enables it to respond to differing requirements. If outdoor living is more to your taste, then a pergola is a viable alternative to a conservatory or orangery (it could even function as an additional space for you to relax or entertain friends in).

Diamond glass windows crawley pergola roofs


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Enjoy the following features when you choose Ultraframe:

  • Aluminium support post/rainwater pipe. Support post projects 500mm below ground level to allow perfect resistance to wind uplift
  • Projection between 2.5-3.5mt
  • Curved beam with stop end
  • System pitch of roof is 7.5°
  • Wall plate

Building Styles

  • N/A

Glazing Options

Choose between 6mm or 10mm glass.

Colour Options

Our glazed Pergola is available in 9 sizes and two distinctive colours: ‘white’ or ‘textured grey.’

Optional Extras

  • N/A


All of our glazed pergolas are accompanied with a comprehensive 10-year parts guarantee.


Our glazed pergola will reward you with the additional space you need, while also providing a range of practical benefits that include:

  • An aluminium post that simultaneously provides support and acts as rainwater pipe. To ensure structural integrity, this post projects 500mm below ground level – so it will be able to resist uplift caused by the wind.
  • Protection from the weather. Our pergola is glazed using 6mm or 10mm glass (depending on your location). This means you’ll be able to enjoy all the usual benefits of the outdoors, but without having to retreat inside when it rains.


Pergola is part of Ultraframe’s breath-taking outdoor living range. It can be used to create a stunning patio area that will allow you to enjoy your garden while protecting you from the elements. In many ways, it’s like a conservatory without walls and will reward you with a contemporary design that’s stunning to behold and suited to many uses.

Your garden building can also be used as a carport and its innovative curved beam functions as an ingenious guttering system while delivering beautiful aesthetics in a structurally superior design. If you need a flexible space that can be used to serve a range of different purposes, the Ultraframe pergola is a stylish alternative to a conservatory and worth a closer look.

This fusion of engineering excellence with contemporary design is reinforced by the aluminium posts that form part of the pergola’s robust structure, while also fulfilling the function of a rainwater downpipe. The Ultraframe pergola roof is glazed, which delivers an outdoor feel oand provides protection from the rain.

You won’t need to worry about maintaining your garden building, as minimal upkeep will be required. Movement in and out of your new structure will be easy too – which means your new space will work as a superb access point during busier times.



The Ultraframe glazed pergola has been designed with our customers and fitters in mind. Our aim was to design and build a product that would minimise inconvenience by streamlining the installation process as far as possible.

To ensure you benefit from a speedy but efficient turnaround, our pergola is prefabricated off-site in one of 9 different size options. When it arrives, no messy cutting will be required – minimising disruption.


Your garden building can be used in a range of ways: as a break-out area to relax in alone or with friends, or as a covered area to house and protect your car – all of which is further supported by its clever engineering.

The aluminium posts that form part of your garden building will also double up as a downpipe, which will divert excess water away from your new structure and down through the outlet at the bottom of the post.


Although your room won’t have walls, its guttering, posts and roof will be more striking if they tie-in with your existing schemes. Two neutral – but distinctive – colours can be applied to your new room: textured grey or white.

Your Ultra Installer will be able to scale your design to fit in one of nine sizes – regardless of how much space you have available. This makes it an ideal choice for properties of all different ages and sizes. may also want to consider from our Conservatory Roof range